What’s in a Name?

Restaurant Menu: Mind the Options

A themed restaurant is a great way to increase customer interest and help create a buzz around a new eatery. However, restaurant owners must be careful when creating their theme to ensure that they are not setting themselves up for future legal issues. In some cases, owners run into problems with their product names; in others, they go off course with the descriptions. Before finalizing your restaurant menu, be sure to take those extra steps and cover all your bases.

Always Mind the Name

One way restaurant owners try to set themselves apart from competitors is by coming up with creative names for their dishes. While this can certainly work in your favor, always be aware of potential legal violations in doing so. You may not even realize it, but that creative name you “thought up on your own” may not be so original after all. For example, if you use a theme that is similar to a major restaurant, be careful not to use a name that might mislead customers.

Watch Item Descriptions

Even more important than the names of the dishes are the descriptions of those dishes. When listing your menu items, it is important that you provide an accurate description of what is being offered. Though many people see this as unimportant if you upset the wrong person with your restaurant menu descriptions you could be in more trouble than you realize. Furthermore, the FDA requires that any restaurant operating 20 or more locations also provide nutritional information for their items. If you fail to do this, not even the best restaurant attorney will be able to help you out. Even if your business is not currently at this level, it pays to be prepared for future growth so that when you get there your new menu will be ready for operation. These little details are often overlooked by people opening up a restaurant; however, they are very important to maintaining a smooth operation. Failure to do so can result in unhappy customers in the short term and legal issues down the road. When it comes time to finalize the menu and other important aspects of your new restaurant, contact Lewis Sassoon of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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