Ways To Protect Your Business

Copyright, Trademark, or Patent: Which is it? There are a variety of legal ways to protect your business from the competition, but sometimes sorting through those options can seem like a difficult task. One item might require copyright, another a trademark, and still another a patent. Whether it’s a new design, creative process, system, or any other variety of creations, it is important that you properly protected yourself. Before looking at getting a business trademark, copyright, or patent, it is important to understand which one actually applies to each type of creation.

Copyright the Creation

Copyrights are necessary more often for creative works than anything else. This applies to literature, art, music, drama, architecture, and a variety of other creative endeavors. Getting a work copyrighted will help protect it from unauthorized reproduction.

Trademark the Image

Business trademark applies to a variety of different elements, typically reserved for a creative aspect of a business to include: slogans, logos, or brand names. Whenever you create a unique logo or slogan, it is important to trademark your creation to ensure that it is not imitated in some way to ride your coat tails. This is especially true with logos, where the trademark will often protect from imitation logos that are deemed to be an indirect copy of your brand.

Patent the Invention

Patents apply to specific inventions and protect the patent holder from others making, using, or selling the patented invention. It is important to realize that this can apply to a physical invention or also to a specific system. In either case, the first to file a patent is the one who gains control over the invention, and they maintain exclusive rights for a set period of time. To make this process easier, you may wish to seek out the help of a business attorney. Whatever type of protection you need, it is important that you always go about getting it done in a timely fashion. Some of these processes can take a significant amount of time, so it is important you are prepared ahead of time. When you find that you have questions about how to protect your business interests and wish to consult with a Boston business attorney on ways to ensure you get the best protection, contact Jeffrey Cymrot of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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