Training Restaurant Staff

Training Restaurant Staff: When Should They Clear Plates?

In the restaurant industry today, service is more important than it has ever been in the past. Providing quality food has become easier and easier, and distinguishing your restaurant purely on the dishes you serve has inversely become more difficult. This means restaurant owners today need to find every opportunity to ensure that their customers get the most memorable service experience. All of this starts with proper training, including an understanding of when your servers/bussers should be clearing plates from the table.

Timing Is Everything

When it comes to smooth functioning in a restaurant, timing is everything. This is especially true when it concerns clearing away finished plates from a table. Depending on the type of restaurant you are running, you could have a completely different approach. For example, a fine dining restaurant probably wants to give the customer more time before swooping in to relieve them of their plate. On the other hand, a more casual establishment might ask as soon as they notice the customer has finished his or her meal. Getting a basic rule of thumb in place is the first step to ensuring your servers provide the best experience. Of course, it is important that you train your restaurant staff to not only follow the systems but also to observe customers and operate with a flexible mindset. What if the server is working a table with four people and one finishes before the others? Is it appropriate to take that plate or should it be left until more of the customers have finished? Servers should look for visual clues to determine the right course of action, and ask the customer politely when they are in doubt.

Offering the Best Service

Just as you might seek out a Boston restaurant attorney for his service, your customers are looking to find a restaurant that not only offers great food, but also exceptional service. Though it may not seem like a big factor, something as small as clearing out a plate too soon or too late can leave a poor impression on customers. By keeping your servers aware of this time table, it can help to ensure a more smooth service reputation. When you find that you have questions about when your restaurant staff should clear plates and wish to consult with a Boston restaurant attorney on the best ways to ensure you use the best strategy, contact Lewis Sassoon of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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