Professional Wine Service

Many restaurant owners today are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. They have gone to great lengths to introduce new and innovative ways to set themselves apart, but they often ignore the classical options. If you are operating a more formal restaurant, you may want to consider the addition of wine service to really set yourself apart.

The Popularity of Wine

There is no question that wine is becoming much more popular in the United States. Like many foreign countries where wine is a normal part of the meal, many Americans are starting to appreciate a good glass of wine with their dinner, especially if they are taking the occasion to celebrate something significant. This makes a wine server a great option for many restaurants, especially those that tend to offer a more romantic feel or any upscale service.

Following Proper Procedure

If you do decide to have a professional wine server in your restaurant, make sure that you actually know what to look for. Wine servers are expected to follow certain etiquette, and training a new server is not something you want to be tasked with. Instead, make sure that the individual you are considering actually has the experience. Test them out and see if they really fit with what you are trying to accomplish. Remember, a wine order should always be taken right after the food order and if you are looking for an upscale feel the wine server should be able to suggest popular pairings. When the bottle is brought to the table, the server should open it in front of the guests and both smell and check the cork. From there, you must establish what works best for your restaurant. Traditionally, the cork is then presented to the guests and the server asks to taste the wine to make sure it is good. In your restaurant, you may want to avoid this tradition. The final consideration is that you are following all of the proper hiring procedures when looking for your wine server, so if you have questions on this consult with a restaurant attorney on what you need. Once everything is in order, you can make a much more informed decision. When you find that you have questions about whether a professional wine service fits your theme and wish to consult with a Boston restaurant attorney on the proper execution within your business, contact Lewis Sassoon of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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