International Transactions

International business transactions are fundamental to the success of many business ventures. In a global economy, acquisition, investment, finance and technology transfers involve global participants. Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, serves the need of domestic clients who engage in international business, as well as foreign companies who maintain or seek to establish activities in the United States.

Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, lawyers advise on a range of matters including international and domestic acquisitions; joint ventures and teaming arrangements; technology and intellectual property transfers and protection; the United States export regime; U.S. and international taxation; transfers and employment of foreign personnel; foreign product sales and distribution arrangements; offshore operations; international litigation and arbitration; and compliance programs under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We represent clients who have business interest around the globe: in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region; Canada; Mexico; South and Central America; Europe; and the Middle East. Through our firm’s long-term relationship with Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW), a world-wide association of law firms, we also have relationships with senior business lawyers in major commercial centers in 60 countries. Our association with LAW and our own network of international law contacts enables us to locate competent and responsive local counsel for our clients’ international legal matters, whether they involve forming a Singapore corporation, determining Korean royalty tax withholding requirements, or competing for Turkish government military contracts. Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC, helps business clients navigate the international business arena.


We're Excited to Announce!

Sassoon Cymrot Law and Grossman & Associates have joined together into one firm under the Sassoon Cymrot Law name effective May 1, 2021.