Second Opinions

You may have great faith in your attorney, but a second opinion is often valuable and particularly justified in a divorce case. Attorneys come in all types, some are compassionate, some intellectual, some strategic and some not. Clients who want to be well informed seek second opinions.

A second opinion is a private consultation with another attorney in which the client discloses the status of the case and seeks another opinion about ways the case could be handled. Sometimes the second attorney identifies a strategy or idea worth pursuing; sometimes there is merely confirmation that the case is being handled well. The exercise gives a client the chance to air their concerns and check their instincts with the goal of reaching a comfort level with the process and outcome. The fee for the second opinion is hourly for the time that the client needs to explain their case, ask questions and to engage in conversation with a firm attorney. A second consultation is an invaluable opportunity to make the most informed decisions.

When you are in need of a professional second opinion, call on the attorneys at Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC.


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