Divorce Related Real Estate

In addition to divorce-related real estate issues, such as dividing the marital residence, and valuing commercial buildings, Sassoon Cymrot Law handles the negotiation and drafting of commercial leases; and the purchase and sale of houses, condos and interval shares.

Real estate often represents a person’s biggest asset so the excitement of the transaction to buy real estate can be tinged with anxiety. Handling these transactions with the same finesse and compassion we bring to our other legal work helps clients enjoy the pleasure of the purchase with fewer concerns and risks.

Real estate ownership with others is fraught with risk. We advise engaged couples to sign pre-nuptial agreements to preserve existing real estate ownership from division in the event of a divorce or death. We also urge unmarried people, whether un-engaged romantic partners, siblings, relatives or friends, to have a written agreement regarding their respective financial obligations and rights. Unmarried people who own real estate together should document their understanding in writing before the purchase to avoid later misunderstandings. This is not only prudent for the time period the real estate is owned, but essential when the real estate is sold, because it forces a conversation in advance about how to handle the allocation of down-payments; closing costs; mortgage payments; repairs; maintenance; improvements; and appreciation.


We're Excited to Announce!

Sassoon Cymrot Law and Grossman & Associates have joined together into one firm under the Sassoon Cymrot Law name effective May 1, 2021.