“Custody” is a trigger word in the divorce world because in most cases, neither parent wants to give up custody. Although the family may have lived in a way that one parent was more in charge of the children’s daily routine, both parents are equally entitled to the custody of their minor children. Helping clients understand the distinction between physical and legal custody is a critical part of a client’s divorce education.

Determining who has legal custody of the children is a complex matter in which the best interest of the children is of the utmost importance to the court. Consideration is given to the mental and physical health of the parents, the available home and school environments, religious preferences, available extended family, special needs, wishes of the children, if old enough, any abuse concerns, among many other factors.

The lawyers at Sassoon Cymrot Law, LLC are seasoned professionals who navigate sensitive child custody matters. Whether primary custody, joint custody, split custody or the unique custody issues of unmarried parents, you’ll find expert, practical and compassionate advice and legal representation.


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