Inside Divorce with Jeffrey Landers

In this episode, Hindell speaks with Jeffrey Landers, who is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, Certified Divorce Lending Professional, Licensed Mortgage Broker, and Licensed Real Estate Broker.  Their conversation focuses on the question of what happens to the marital home during a divorce.  They discuss the options available to divorcing couples, including selling the house, one spouse buying out the other, or continuing to co-own the property (this last option is generally not recommended).  They also talk about appraisals, buy-out options, and how child support and alimony factor into refinancing.  Jeffrey Landers’ latest book is Divorce House Sense: Can You Keep Your Marital Home or Will You Have to Sell?  His book is available on his website at or on Amazon.

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We're Excited to Announce!

Sassoon Cymrot Law and Grossman & Associates have joined together into one firm under the Sassoon Cymrot Law name effective May 1, 2021.