Inside Divorce with Hubert Johnson, Tax Attorney: Handling Taxes During a Divorce and Negotiating with the IRS

Hindell and Hubert Johnson discuss how to manage taxes owed during a divorce, when you might want to file married filing separately, and when declaring bankruptcy makes sense.  Attorney Johnson is a passionate and experienced tax attorney who loves sharing stories about how he has helped his clients negotiate with the IRS.  He gives examples of clients who have been able to negotiate deals with the IRS with an offer of as little as $20 when they owe thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.  You can reach Attorney Hubert Johnson and read his blog through the Guardian Tax Law website at or by calling (520) 485-7371.

Hindell has successfully negotiated, litigated and arbitrated hundreds of cases on behalf of her clients. Several of her successes have been published in Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly and she has been featured in the Needham Tab, Boston Business Journal and the Boston Globe.

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Sassoon Cymrot Law and Grossman & Associates have joined together into one firm under the Sassoon Cymrot Law name effective May 1, 2021.