Second Opinion Program

Second opinions allow you to maximize your options by seeking supplemental advice without having to abandon the ongoing relationship with your current attorney. Grossman & Associates, Ltd. formally launched The Second Opinion program in 1998 with press releases and articles in the Boston Business Journal and Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. With its roots in the medical field, the concept of The Second Opinion Program offers a new way to obtain a second, more objective perspective when wrestling with complex legal issues. The Firm implemented The Second Opinion concept to make legal advice more accessible.  Legal decisions have consequences. Enhancing your legal options yields the best advice.

According to a commercial landlord, “It is very important to obtain objective legal advice when making critical business decisions. Fresh insights gained through Grossman & Associates’ program helped me net an additional $100,000 on the recent renewal of my commercial real estate lease.”

A partner of a major Cambridge CPA firm said: “Business clients often express uncertainty about which legal path to take. These are the clients who would benefit from a second opinion to validate their business decisions and to give them new perspectives on complex legal issues.”

Divorcing clients also benefit from second opinions. Each divorce client needs an attorney who represents their particular interest and personality. If the fit isn’t right, a painful process can become more difficult. Consequently, divorcing clients seem to change attorneys more than any other client.

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I’d like a Second Opinion, Counselor
Asking for second opinions is no longer just for medical patients

With small businesses growing rapidly, many may need to reevaluate the service they have been receiving from their legal advisors. Sure, your company has had the same attorney for 15 years, but is that attorney providing you with the best legal advice? Would another attorney or firm be more suited to the needs of your evolving business? How do you find out?

To help businesses evaluate their legal advice, Grossman & Associates, a Newton-based law firm, has established The Second Opinion Program. With its roots in the medical field, the concept of The Second Opinion Program offers companies a new way to obtain a second, more objective perspective when wrestling with complex legal issues. For a flat fee, Grossman & Associates will confidentially review a business’s current legal advice, make any suggestions for change, or deem the advice to be sound. The flat fee amount, determined by the complexity of the legal issue, prevents clients from incurring runaway legal fees.

The Second OpinionSM Program also allows a business to audition a legal firm without committing to a retainer or paying hourly fees for service. As Hindell Grossman, principal of Grossman & Associates, says, ‘Working with us may be a one-shot deal… a Second Opinion Program client isn’t stuck with us.” After the firm makes their suggestions to the client, the company can take that advice back to their current legal advisor and present it as their own idea, or have Grossman & Associates implement the suggested changes.

The Second Opinion Program, launched in 1998, was developed in part because of Grossman’s conversations with banker and accountant colleagues. According to these professionals, many growing businesses fear offending their attorneys, or feel bound by their long-term relationship, despite their uncertainty about the quality of the legal advice they are receiving. The Second Opinion Program allows bankers and accountants to help their clients make important legal decisions without offending their current attorneys or undermining relationships.

Although the firm works with many companies that are referred by bankers and CPAs, it welcomes business clients from all industries. Grossman points out, “Although the levels of complexity differ, most businesses face similar legal issues.” If Grossman & Associates’ Second Opinion Program continues to grow, these issues will be increasingly reviewed by more than just one set of legal eyes.

Hindell has successfully negotiated, litigated and arbitrated hundreds of cases on behalf of her clients. Several of her successes have been published in Massachusetts Lawyer's Weekly and she has been featured in the Needham Tab, Boston Business Journal and the Boston Globe.

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