Date Him While I’m in the Process of Getting a Divorce?

Dear Hindell,

My husband and I decided to file for divorce several months ago. The process has been incredibly stressful, and my friend suggested I start dating again as a way to take my mind off of the situation. Am I allowed to date while still in the process of getting a divorce? If so, should I tell my husband?


Wondering in Watertown

Yes you are permitted to date but it is not unusual for this to fuel a new round of hostility toward you from your spouse and possibly your children, and for the divorce proceedings to be impacted in some small way. However, dating while divorcing often provides a new social life and can help you transition to a new sense of self. While it can bring joy and a positive distraction, dating should be a discreet activity, kept from both the children and your spouse as long as possible.

Best wishes,

Hindell Grossman

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