Be Ready To Open: Obtaining A Common Victualler License

For anyone who already has experience working in business, it should be no secret that bureaucracy is involved at all levels of the process. Boston restaurant permits are a clear example of this, and understanding all of the different requirements can sometimes cause potential investors to turn the other way. Rather than simply having one or two key permits, a restaurant owner must obtain a wide variety of different licenses and permits, and fill out an array of paperwork prior to starting their establishment. Within this licensing process, every food establishment needs to understand how to apply for a victualler license.

Is a Victualler License Necessary?

Under Massachusetts Law, every food service establishment in the city of Boston is required to have a victualler permit. This means that, like a business license, there is really no way around paying for this application if you hope to have a restaurant. Fortunately, the cost of obtaining a Boston victualler license is relatively inexpensive. At the time of writing, the annual fee is $100 plus an additional $1 per seat with the caveat that a take-out restaurant is a flat $210. Like any other part of the licensing and planning process for a restaurant, the key to smoothly acquiring a victualler license is to know exactly what you need to get started.

What is the Process?

Unlike other Boston restaurant permits, individuals applying for this license must first speak with the Neighborhood Association and City Councilor to receive approval from the board for their application. Once this is done, the restaurant owner must submit a copy of his or her lease agreement with the Boston victualler license application. This application must also include an Inspection Certificate, a Fire Assembly Permit, and both Personal Information and Criminal Record Information for all owners, shareholders, officers, etc. To avoid any confusion or delay, it is best to submit all of this at once. Once everything is submitted, your victualler license application will typically be responded to within one to two weeks of being submitted. If major changes are made to initial plans or you are looking to add outdoor seating, there may be a hearing required, which can take some extra time. When it comes time to purchase the proper licenses for your new restaurant and you wish to seek out the best professional advisors to help establish your new restaurant business, contact Mark Bressler of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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