Articles Or Certificates?

Articles of Organization or Certificate of Organization? Starting a new business is like embarking on an exciting adventure, however, you don’t want to get so caught up in the fun, creative stuff that you neglect the more mundane but very important details. This includes the filing of certain documents, and which ones you need often depends on the state and the type of business you are opening. If your business happens to be in Massachusetts, two types of documents you need to be aware of are the articles of organization and the certificate of organization.

Determining Your Business Type

The first step is to determine which type of business you want to open. If you’re creating a corporation for tax purposes, you will need to file articles of the organization. This document lists the owner(s) and physical location of the business, as well as a variety of other details. If on the other hand, you are starting a limited liability company (LLC), you will need to file a certificate of organization. Though slightly less detailed than the articles of organization, this document also includes important information that must be on the record before you serve your first customer.

Completing the Appropriate Filing

No matter what state you live in, it may be prudent to consult with a Boston business attorney prior to filing your paperwork. This will help you avoid potential problems that can result from filing the wrong document or filing one that omits pertinent information. An attorney can also make sure these documents are filed in a timely fashion, which will ensure that your business operations flow smoothly from the start. If you’re opening a business in Massachusetts and have questions about filing the proper documents, contact Jeffrey Cymrot of Sassoon & Cymrot for individual guidance and consultation.

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